HyperSolar H2Generator™

H2Generator – Eliminates the Need for an Electrolyzer!

Today's standard system for producing solar generated hydrogen consists of a solar cell array connected to an electrolyzer. An electrolyzer is an electrolysis device that uses electricity to split distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen. Commercially available electrolyzers are very energy intensive and expensive. HyperSolar is developing and intends to market a novel solar hydrogen generator that eliminates the expensive electrolyzer by integrating the electrolysis function directly into a solar cell.

H2Generator Cell

The key to the direct integration of a solar cell and electrolysis is our proprietary, patent-pending polymer coating that performs two very important functions: (1) conductively "glues" catalyst material directly on to a conventional solar cell, and (2) protects the solar cell from corrosion when submerged in an electrolytic solution. The result is a standalone, self-contained solar hydrogen generator – the H2Generator Cell.

H2Generator Panel

H2Generator Cells will be arranged as a matrix in a flat panel reactor filled with an electrolytic solution.

H2Generator System

H2Generator Panels can be connected together to scale to any size system to meet application specific hydrogen requirements. The H2Generator System will contain a process control unit that automates the liquid chemical processes as well as hydrogen removal from the H2Generator Panels into a temporary storage tank.

Two primary configurations of the H2Generator System are planned, including:
1. Low Pressure – Hydrogen produced by the H2Generator Panels are at atmospheric pressure (1 bar), and will be pumped into a buffer tank for immediate off take by downstream system components.
2. Elevated Pressure – Hydrogen produced by the H2Generator Panels will be processed through a pressure booster, a gas dryer, and a purifier that produces high purity hydrogen at an elevated pressure for direct charging of metal hydride hydrogen storage tanks, or further compression for high pressure gas tanks.

Distributed and Scalable

The HyperSolar H2Generator will be designed to be a linearly scalable and self-contained renewable hydrogen production system. As a result, it is intended to be installed almost anywhere to produce hydrogen fuel for local use. This distributed model of hydrogen production will address one of the greatest challenges of using clean hydrogen fuel on a large scale – the need to transport hydrogen in large quantities.

Each stage of the HyperSolar H2Generator can be scaled independently according to the hydrogen demands and length of storage required for a specific application. A small scale system can be used to produce continuous renewable electricity for a small house, or a large scale system can be used to produce hydrogen to power a community.

The H2Generator technology is currently under development. We are in the process of designing a demonstration unit.