HyperSolar’s innovative technology is based on an integrated photoelectrochemical water-splitting device, where solar-converted electrons are maximally transferred to hydrogen chemical bonds.

Gen 1 technology combines a readily available commercial solar cell and proprietary protective coatings and catalysts into a low-cost self-contained hydrogen generating photoelectrochemical cell. An array of these inexpensive triple-junction amorphous silicon cells (TJ a-Si) are integrated into a panel filled with water that safely releases oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is captured, pressurized and stored.


Gen 1 - photo 1.jpg



With these commercially available solar cells, we have achieved over 560 hours of hydrogen production, a record for a fully immersed solar cell. We are now in the process of finalizing the panel design and sourcing a contract manufacturer to build the panels.

Gen 1 - test pic.jpg